Anmol Pinto


Anmol Pinto’s love for electronic music began after seeing the legend himself, Mr. Paul Van Dyk, a few years ago in Dubai. Although not completely oblivious to dance music before that, he was heavily involved in the local metal/rock/alternative scene at the time playing the drums for a local band allowing very little time for other genres of music.

But gradually his visits to house/trance nights at local clubs such as Trilogy and Peppermint, led to his ipod song rotation switch to house. Around Christmas 2007, he finally decided to buy some cd decks, to just ‘try it out’. Being a drummer since the age of 12, it was a lot easier for him to get into the gist of things.

With the help of his brother, he managed to land his first gig at a small local club called TOUCH, after just two months of buying a set of VERY low-end CD Decks. It was quite a shock making the transition from the bedroom to the club in such a short time, and the performance was very dodgy, to say the least. But what he lacked in mixing skills at the time, he made up for in song selection and won the crowd instantly.

After the success of his first gig, and with the help of two other local promoters, he secured another series of gigs at another local club called Submarine.

His first big break however was with the help of one of the biggest local promoters and party planners, who gave him the opportunity to play a warm up set for (very popular UK Club Night) PUKKA UP which also featured Rob Wilder and Basement Jaxx Vocalist Vula. The promoter was so impressed with the performance, that she invited Anmol to play another warm up set at PUKKA UP. This time, however, as luck would have it, one of the DJs pulled out at the very last minute, leaving him to play not just the warm up but also the main set in the bigger room of one of the most popular night clubs in Dubai, The Apartment. Not only did he play the entire set but, according to the promoters of the night, managed to steal the crowd from Ex-Space Ibiza resident Jason Bye, who was playing in the other room! After just 4 short months of entering the scene, Anmol Pinto had firmly secured his name as a force to be reckoned with and secured a number of gigs and residencies throughout Dubai’s ever-expanding club scene.

The third mix he ever recorded was one of the highest rated mixes on and had more than a 1,000 downloads in less than a month. Pretty impressive for someone who did not know how to beatmatch just a couple of months before that. Not content with just “playing other people’s music”, Anmol then decided to get into production. Throwing his social life out the window and with nothing but a copy of propellerhead’s Reason Music Production software, a crappy old computer and a keen ear for music, he started experimenting with sounds. After about a month of getting his head around the software and a basic understanding of audio engineering, he decided to do a remix of one of his all-time favorite tracks from one of his all-time favorite musicians, Eric Clapton’s “Layla”. The remix created a huge buzz both locally and internationally, on music forums and interest from local and international Radio Stations and DJs.

In November 2008, he produced his first original track called ‘Jumierah Jane’ and also conceptualized the ‘INDULGENCE’ podcast – A Monthly hour long mix featuring the best in progressive and electro house. A little over 6 months and thousands of downloads and subscriptions later, INDULGENCE struck a chord not just with the local scene but took his sound to an international audience. ‘Jumierah Jane’ shared similar success, with interest from international record labels, DJs and music enthusiasts alike. The track was eventually picked up by upcoming German House Label “VEMK Records” and received acclaim from DJs and producers the world over With such a high level of progression in such a short time, there is no doubt that Anmol will keep developing his sound and be playing with the big boys sooner than you would expect. Watch this space!