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    Antwerp, Belgium
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    House · Progressive · Tech House · Trance


NIKAN was born in October 1982 in Antwerp, Belgium.
Ever since age 16 he has been hooked on dance music.
NIKAN had the desire to become a deejay, but funds were limited for such expensive hobby..
However 10 years later in November 2006, NIKAN decided to go for it with the ìnow or neverî attitude in mind.
He started playing with a cheap double cd player and composing songs on a digital audio workstation.
One year later NIKAN had his first 4 tracks signed on the legendary Bonzai Music/Banshee Worx label from Belgium.
The most frequent genre NIKAN has been playing and produces is tech-house /progressive house.
Later on that year NIKAN , formerly known as IVI-R was asked to join the Banshee Entertainment booking agency as deejay on the Bonzai Music roster.
In February 2008,NIKAN won the first deejay contest he ever competed in.
After only one year of dj’ing, he was announced the winner of the big young talent corner/poppunt contest.
Since then NIKAN has gotten more involved in the music business and several releases and gigs have followed.
In the mean time NIKAN has already played in the biggest clubs/festivals in Belgium and abroad such as La Rocca, Versuz, Illusion,Club Phoenix, Kubbe Club,..
NIKAN has shared clubnights playing with lots of big names in the scene such as Dave Lambert, Jack de Marseille, Art B (the Creamminals) , Regi, Dominico, Jan Vervloet,..
The story of NIKAN has only just begun, that’s for sure..

Other facts about NIKAN
Deejay since: 2006
All time classic: Sasha – Xpander
Music styles as deejay : tech house / progressive
Music styles as producer: tech house / progressive
Favourite clubs in Belgium: La Rocca , Illusion, NOXX, Versuz
Favourite producers: Eric Prydz, Guy J , Daniel Portman, Sasha, Deadmau5, D Ramirez, Mark Knight, Wally Lopez,..
Favourite city in Belgium: Antwerp
Favourite city abroad: Barcelona & Istanbul